Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to witness the ultimate battle of mixology at the Nevis Mango Festival! On Friday June 30th 2023, the Indian Castle Fruit Orchard will be transformed into a paradise for mango lovers. Among other competitions, there will be a fierce contest among mixologists from all corners of Nevis to create the best mango cocktail - an exotic combination of juicy, succulent mangoes and tantalizing spirits. The air will be filled with excitement as these skilled bartenders showcase their creativity in concocting unique blends that highlight every aspect of our beloved mango fruit. With each sip, you'll feel transported to tropical shores where sun-kissed orchards abound and luscious mangos hang temptingly from their branches. So come on down and experience this unforgettable festival where you can indulge your taste buds in sweet ecstasy thanks to some amazing mango cocktails created by these talented mixologists!


Kanrauwn David

Dedicated to the craft. Passionate about creativity and originality. Unique style and committed to customer satisfaction. Meet award winning certified mixologist, Mr. Kanrauwn David. Kanrauwn has been Mastering the craft for nine (9) years now.

Brandon Lander

Nationality: Dominican
Languages spoken: English, (French and Spanish though not as good as English)
Bar experience: 2 years bar experience in Dominica and 2 months bar experience at
Luna and Drift restaurants 

T-jorne Daniel

I am 22 year old T-Jorne Daniel, a proud Nevisian from the quaint village of Craddock Road.

My journey to becoming the great bartender I am today started at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant college. During my time at the College I studied hospitality where one of the many courses I did was called Bar Operations. This is where we learned about strengthening our entrepreneurial skills whilst operating a bar. At the end of this course our final exam was a bartending competition where we had to create and present our creation in the best way possible.

David Morgan

Creating a cocktail that puts a smile on my customer"s face or providing a listening ear to a customer are what makes my job as a bartender worth it. My name is David Morgan and I have been a bartender for the last (3) three years. I am currently working at the Mount Nevis hotel. My decision to enter this competition was easy as I wanted to highlight my skills and give my hotel additional exposure.