Mixology Bartender Candidates - Nevis Mango Festival 2022

Meet four bartenders taking part in our mixology competition on Friday 1st July 2022.

Brandon Cox

Brandon Cox, 21 years of age. A young man with an infectious smile and a passion to become a great mixologist.

Kanrauwn David

Kanrauwn David is a certified bartender / mixologist. Mastering the craft for seven (7) years, he has enhanced the cocktail tradition and recommendation of cocktails as well.

Ayshan Tyson

Ayshan Tyson owner of Knick Knacks Cafe/Bar. Ayshan has a vast knowledge of drinks and enjoys meeting people from all walks of life.

Kurvron Wallace

Kurvron Wallace of Hamilton Estate, Nevis is bringing the flare to the mixologist competition. He loves bartending and is eager to see you there on Friday 1st July.